July 08, 2010

7 . 7 . 1988 - 7 . 7 . 2010

ce korg pk dr 1988 ker 2010... lme an..
22 taun dr 1988 nk ker 2010.. kire dh 22 taun lar mama ngn ayh aku b'same..
hmm.., ari nie  7.7.2010.., kteorg sekuarge kuar g celebrate anniversary mama ngn ayh..
x der ar pe pun.., ayh just blnje mkn jer.. kire ok lar an..
smbut ari2 penting same2 ngn kuarge best pe an.. it's creating a strong bonding and attachment...
           Happy 22nd Anniversarry mommy n daddy..
                     much love to both of you..

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