March 01, 2011

Happy Birthday dude!!

hello brother!!!
happy birthday!!!
you are getting old this year.
I hope you become a useful person in future.

kita rapat kan??
always shared a story .. hahaha
but if the story about puan2, you are more like partners with adik.
does not matter, I understand ..
u malu kan???

you are my only brother..
I really love you even though we always fight and hurting each other.
but we were not always fighting ..,  
you always make me and our family was comforted by your joke.

I was fortunate to have brothers like u.
sangat2 bertuah..
I hope you will always love us and 
pursue your ambitions in order to contribute to our parents in the future.

 lots of  love,
your sis..<3

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