February 09, 2011


This ill temper I have is making me mad
I blow up and I don’t know why
I wish it for just a moment
I wish this attitude would just go away
This outlook I have on life needs to change
I love you deep down inside
I wish you would see that.
That you all are the only precious things for me

The anger I have deep in side
Comes out when I least expect it
This anger I have in me should just go away
This anger I have is an annoyance
This anger I have has messed my life up
This anger I have is stupid
Anger,  you have messed up my love for them
Anger, you have messed up my life
Anger, you have destroyed who I am inside and out
Anger, you are the devil
Anger, you are all that is bad
This anger I have in me has made me fight
A fight that was not worth it

Anger, you made me hit the wrong person
Anger, you made me do the wrong things
Anger, you have caused me so much sorrow
Anger, you have caused nothing but grief
Anger, just go away
Anger, i hate u!!

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